Will I Have To Get A Root Canal Or A Tooth Extraction?

Will I Have To Get A Root Canal Or A Tooth Extraction?
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If you can’t save a tooth through a variety of methods, you might need to get it pulled. One of the most common ways to save an infected tooth is through a procedure known as a root canal. But what does it do?

Here’s how a root canal typically works.

What is a root canal?

A root canal helps save teeth that have been damaged or infected, usually issues that affect the pulp. The tooth pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth, helping to provide healthy blood flow. This procedure is typically done on teeth that are viable for your mouth, meaning they have a chance of being saved and aren’t unnecessary, like wisdom teeth.

The procedure is done to remove damaged or infected pulp in the tooth. Then, the chamber containing the pulp will be cleaned of bacteria to stem infection. Finally, the chamber is filled to replace the pulp with gutta percha. Then, dentists will often place a crown on top of the tooth to help its strength.

What does it treat?

When the pulp of the tooth is damaged, it needs to be fixed. If it isn’t, you’ll experience pain, stiffness, and discomfort. The tooth pulp is damaged when your tooth becomes infected with bacteria or disease. A tooth break or chip often leads to infection of the pulp.

When does my tooth need extraction?

Only your dentist should give you advice on extracting a tooth, but a tooth typically needs extraction for a number of reasons:


  • The root canal failed
  • The tooth is severely broken (a crack extends below the gumline
  • Your tooth is impacted or overcrowding your mouth
  • You experience severe jaw pain or stiffness

Again, never try to extract an adult tooth by yourself. Always visit your local dentist in Lake Ridge VA or another dental care professional.

An estimated 47% of adults across the U.S. suffer from periodontal disease. When you need are experiencing tooth pain, need great oral care for implants, or an invisalign provider, visit your local dentist in Lake Ridge VA: Lake Ridge Dental.

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