Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Few things are more tedious or depressing than suffering from a toothache with no relief in sight. Tooth decay, when left untreated, can quickly become both painful and unsightly. It may affect the way you look and feel about yourself, but it can do more than ruin your day: It can make concentration difficult, make you moody and depressed, or turn you into an irritable, unapproachable grouch. Luckily, our dental team in Woodbridge, VA can quickly and easily extract that decayed tooth that’s making you miserable. Call or request an appointment online with Robert C. Dost & Associates today!

Tooth Extraction Q &A

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Should I try to save my tooth before having it extracted?

In most cases, it’s better to seek to repair a tooth than to extract it. Dr. Dost or one of his associates will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and root to determine how bad the deterioration is. They may also take X-rays to see what’s happening below the gum line.

If your tooth is salvageable, they’ll do what they can to repair the problem and alleviate your pain. That may include placing fillings, bonding your tooth with resin, or filing the affected tooth down and placing a crown on top. If saving your tooth isn’t possible, Dr. Dost will perform a clean and simple extraction.

Either way, you’ll feel much better upon leaving your appointment than you did walking in.

Will an extracted tooth cause the rest of my teeth to shift?

Over time, an extracted tooth can cause the teeth around it to spread out, creating gaps and spaces. If Dr. Dost feels the need to remove your problem tooth, he’ll supply you with a plan for filling the void left behind. That might include an eventual dental implant, a bridge, or a denture, either of which will help you retain the integrity of your smile while eliminating the source of your painful toothache.

Will extracting the bad tooth alleviate the pain right away?

Once a decayed tooth is extracted, the pain it caused is immediately relieved. You may still feel a bit of discomfort from the extraction process itself, but this is typically mild and can usually be alleviated using over-the-counter or prescription pain medication for a few days following your procedure.

For most patients, the discomfort caused by a tooth extraction is much more desirable than the pain of living with a constant, throbbing toothache. If you have a problem tooth that must be removed, contact Dr. Dost & Associates today to book a consultation.

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