Teeth Stain Removal

Teeth Stain Removal

Stained and yellowed teeth can be detrimental to your self-esteem, but this condition happens to many people. There are several reasons why your teeth may become stained or yellowed, including using certain antibiotics as a child; regularly drinking or eating foods like coffee, tea, berries and red wine; or smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco. Any one of those can make your teeth appear dull or discolored, but it’s easy enough to fix them. Our dental team in Woodbridge, VA, is available to help when you’re ready to brighten your smile.

Teeth Stain Removal Q &A

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How deep do teeth stains go?

There are two types of teeth stains: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic stains happen deeper down in the actual dentin of your tooth. These are the kinds of stains that require a little more work to repair. They can arise from exposure to antibiotics or trauma, and can’t typically be fixed by just using a whitening toothpaste at home. However, our dental team  can whiten intrinsic stains by using bleaching treatments or by adding caps or crowns to your teeth to cover the stains.

Extrinsic stains don’t go as deep. These stains occur on the first layer of enamel and may respond to a special toothpaste that’s formulated to whiten and brighten. Dr. Dost can recommend a complimentary at-home regimen to help whiten these types of stains in addition to your regular cleanings.

Teeth stains can also simply be caused by age and normal thinning of the enamel and the darkening of the dentin that comes with it. These stains may be too deep to alleviate through whitening or bleaching. In this circumstance, Dr. Dost & Associates may recommend caps or crowns.

How can I avoid re-staining my newly whitened teeth?

Once you’ve undergone treatment to whiten stained or yellowed teeth, you can help keep them looking bright by avoiding coffee, tea, and red wine or by drinking these liquids through a straw, so they don’t come into contact with your teeth.

If you’ve improperly eaten or drunk staining foods or liquids, take care to rinse immediately after. Brush, floss, and use a mouth rinse several times daily and make regular follow-up appointments with Dr. Dost to keep your newly whitened teeth looking fabulous.

How long will my teeth stay white after treatment?

The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle. If you follow the tips offered by Dr. Dost and his associates to help keep your teeth looking bright, you may not need to have teeth whitened again for a year or more. The most important thing any patient can do is maintain healthy dental hygiene habits and supplement them with regular dental check-ups. But if you regularly smoke, use tobacco, or ingest foods that stain, you’ll need to return sooner.

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