When you think of orthodontics, think of treatments that help to align and straighten your teeth and jaw. The science of orthodontics is all about aligning your teeth, so they look beautiful and function properly. Braces qualify, as orthodontic treatments, along with other devices that re-align your lower jaw. If you need orthodontic care, Dr. Robert C. Dost and Dr. Ofeliya Kara of Dr. Robert C. Dost & Associates in Woodbridge, Virginia, have the training and experience necessary to help.

Orthodontics Q &A

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Are most types of orthodontia covered by insurance?

Because orthodontia improves your oral health and corrects facial irregularities, it’s typically considered a necessary treatment. For example, malocclusions and teeth that aren’t properly aligned can cause bigger, more painful problems when left untreated. These are problems that only orthodontics can solve, hence why orthodontics is considered necessary rather than cosmetic. As such, insurance carriers are likely to cover your orthodontic procedures.

How long does it typically take to straighten crooked teeth?

Depending upon which course of action Dr. Robert C. Dost & Associates recommends, having your teeth straightened or a malocclusion corrected typically happens over a period which may run between six months and two years, especially if you need braces. How long the treatment differs from patient to patient, though.

During your treatment, you’ll need to keep regular appointments, usually every six to eight weeks, so Dr. Dost can track your progress and make any necessary adjustments. It may seem like forever, but in reality, it’s a small sacrifice to make to have the bright, beautiful smile you deserve.

I'm an adult. Won't I look funny wearing braces?

You’re never too old to practice good oral hygiene, and fixing crooked, gapped or overlapping teeth qualifies. Teeth that line up straight and true are easy to care for and look nice, too.

If you’d feel self-conscious wearing braces, speak with Dr. Dost and his associates about that. They’ll happily work with you to find a resolution, such as opting for invisible braces that are much harder to detect than traditional braces made of titanium.

Invisible braces that are made of a series of clear plastic aligners that are available, too. As you wear them, they’re switched out over time to new aligners that help gradually move and reposition your teeth. These types of aligners are removable and are designed to be worn for most hours out of every day, meaning you can take them out for cleaning, recreation, and more.

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