According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, between 13 and 39% of all dental injuries happen during sports. Teeth may be chipped, cracked or lost due to collisions that occur during football, basketball, soccer, and even baseball practices and games. To help reduce and prevent sports-related injuries to teeth and gums, our dental team in Woodbridge, VA, can outfit you with a special mouth guard.

Mouthguards and Nightguards Q &A

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What is the purpose of a mouth guard?

In most instances, a mouth guard fits over your upper teeth and helps prevent injuries to your teeth, tongue, and soft tissue. It’s typically made of a soft, pliable material such as plastic or thermoplastic. Mouth guards come in handy during many types of sporting activities, including contact sports, gymnastics, and even skateboarding.

Another kind of mouth guard, called a night guard or a nocturnal bite plate, is designed for patients who grind their teeth while sleeping. It functions in much the same way and helps to keep teeth from cracking under excessive bite pressure while you sleep.

Who needs a mouth guard?

Anyone who plays an active sport or grinds their teeth can benefit from wearing a mouth guard. If you often wake up with a headache or a sore jaw, there’s a good chance you should talk with Dr. Robert C. Dost & Associates about teeth grinding.

Mouth guards are manufactured for people of most ages and can be purchased over-the-counter or specially fitted just for your mouth. Mouth guards that are fitted by Dr. Dost or Dr. Kara are more efficient and more comfortable than those purchased in the drug store. Generic mouth guards are often ill-fitting, making it difficult to breathe properly or to speak. They may also be less durable and more subject to tearing.

What should I look for in a mouth guard?

If you do decide to purchase a mouth guard from the drug store, look for one that’s durable and won’t rip or tear easily. Find one that’s a good fit for the inside of your mouth, too.

If you need to wear a mouth guard or a nocturnal bite plate, it’s best to let Dr. Dost and his associates worry about which one is right for you. Dr. Dost or Dr. Kara will take the time to specially fit your mouth guard to the shape of your mouth and teeth, making it more comfortable and more efficient than a generic brand you might buy over the counter. Even the mouth guards that you boil first, then bite, won’t fit as well as one made especially for you in Dr. Dost’s office.

Can I wear a mouth guard if I already wear braces?

Yes, even people who wear braces may need to wear a mouth guard, especially when playing sports. If your braces aren’t removable, Dr. Dost will create a mouth guard that fits securely over them to help protect your mouth in the event of a collision or impact.

Make your appointment with Dr. Dost & Associates today to learn more about the benefits of mouth and night guards.

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