Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth

Your smile is one of your greatest assets, but if yours showcases broken, cracked, or worn teeth, you’re not getting its full benefit. Worse still, broken teeth not only affect your self-esteem but can also be pretty painful. Luckily, our dental team in Woodbridge, VA, can repair or replace unsightly broken teeth with minimal discomfort.

Broken Tooth Q &A

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What causes broken teeth?

Many factors can lead to cracked or broken teeth, blunt-force trauma being the most obvious. If you’re the victim of an accident or injury involving your teeth, they may become loose or broken. But other problems can cause your teeth to become broken as well: extreme tooth decay, untreated malocclusion, and using excessive force when chewing are common culprits. Vitamin deficiencies can also cause teeth to become brittle and easily cracked, and so can certain diseases.

My broken tooth isn't visible when I smile, and it doesn't bother me. Is it worth fixing?

If you have a cracked or broken tooth, it’s eventually going to become a problem. Even teeth that are located in the back of your mouth where most people won’t see them will one day become painful. It may take a while to happen, but sooner or later, your broken tooth will allow air to come in contact with the nerve endings in your pulp. When that happens, you’ll develop a toothache you’ll not soon forget.

It’s best to address cracked or broken teeth as soon as you discover them because a small amount of damage is much easier and more economical to repair than damage left untreated. That’s why regular dental checkups are so important.

How are broken teeth repaired?

When caught and addressed early, fixing a broken tooth can be as easy as getting a simple filling. When left to deteriorate, however, treatment becomes more complicated.

Dr. Dost and Dr. Kara may repair your broken tooth by grinding away any infected parts and then covering the tooth with a crown or a cap. If not enough tooth is left to apply a crown, a root canal may be performed and a pin inserted into the gum to anchor it.

Dental veneers are also an option for repairing a cracked, broken, or yellowed tooth. A veneer is a thin coating of porcelain or composite that covers the affected area of the tooth and conceals any damage.

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