3D Scan And Imaging

3D Scan And Imaging

Dentistry today is much more efficient than it used to be, thanks to amazing medical advancements such as 3D dental technology. And when you book an appointment with our dental team in Woodbridge, VA, you’ll always benefit from the most advanced tools and procedures available. That includes cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT machines, that record complete 3D images of your teeth and gums.

3D Dental X-Rays Q &A

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How are 3D X-rays superior to traditional X-rays?

When Dr. Dost views 3D X-rays of your teeth and gums, he has greater control over what he sees. A CBCT machine can be manipulated to take images of the entire craniofacial area or smaller portions thereof. This type of machine uses less radiation and produces hundreds of images to help Dr. Dost make a comprehensive diagnosis. These machines are also faster and more efficient than their 2D counterparts, are more accurate, and are more cost-efficient.

Using 3D technology, Dr. Dost will be better able to see and diagnose issues that may have been more difficult to notice before, such as the early onset of chronic sinus conditions, oral cancer, or impacted or abscessed teeth. 3D technology makes a number of dental procedures much easier, including implants, extractions and more.

Will my insurance cover 3D X-rays?

Many dental plans are happy to cover at least a portion of your 3D X-rays because they’re usually done in-office and can costs hundreds of dollars less than a CT scan performed at a hospital. Talk with your insurance carrier about the limitations of your dental coverage if you’re not sure whether the cost of 3D imagery is a permitted expense.

Dr. Dost and his associates are always willing to help customize your dental treatments fit your insurance coverage to help make the cost of having and maintaining good oral health more affordable.

How are 3D X-rays more efficient?

X-rays performed using 3D technology are more efficient because they’re faster, they require less radiation, and they give Dr. Dost and his associates greater control over the covered area of your mouth.3D X-rays provide the dental team with a more complete picture of your teeth and gums from various angles. The generated images are also in high definition, making it easier to locate problem areas, even those beneath your gums.

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