How To Keep Your Pearly Whites White During The Holidays

How To Keep Your Pearly Whites White During The Holidays
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Though Halloween has come and gone, there are still countless seasonal delicacies that can wreak havoc on our teeth and lower our self-confidence.

Here are some top tips for keeping a healthy smile during the holidays.

Avoid hard or sticky candies

Let’s be honest: sugary food is a holiday staple. It just isn’t realistic to turn down every delectable dessert that’s offered to you.

Instead, just try to avoid the worst culprits of the bunch. Hard candies are terrible for your teeth when you can’t help but crack down on the last bite. Sticky and chewy candies are also no-gos; these sticky sweets will cling to your teeth and promote corrosion and tooth decay. This goes double for those who use Invisalign or have braces. Talk to your local Invisalign providers in Lake Ridge VA for more information.

Use the appropriate tools to open treats, not your teeth

If you’re trying to open a present or plastic package with your teeth, remember to reach for a pair of scissors instead. Opening hard items with your teeth can cause cracking, chipping, or scratching, which can result in an emergency trip to the dentist. Additionally, you should rely on a trusty nutcracker to shell your favorite treats. The hard shells of yummy pistachios and chestnuts are just as bad as plastics on your teeth.

Keep your stress to a minimum

The holidays can be stressful. Between getting the perfect presents, crafting the best decorations, and appeasing your extended family, it’s enough to encourage bad habits you haven’t performed in years.

Avoid nail-biting and clenching your jaw during times of stress. These habits are especially bad for sensitive teeth but can cause a number of jaw problems and health issues, both inside and outside of the mouth. Perform regular mental check-ups to ensure you’re not engaging in these bad habits and remove yourself from stressful situations when needed. Your health is always the most important thing to worry about.

Visit the dentist

Your dental care is usually put on the backburner during the holidays, but taking care of your teeth is a year-round job. When 74% of adults fear an unattractive smile can hurt their professional jobs, visiting your local dentist is the best way to monitor your dental health.

For the best Invisalign providers in Lake Ridge VA, visit Lake Ridge Dental today. We offer only the best dental care and Invisalign information to promote your oral health during the holidays.

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