Back to School Teeth Tips for Teens!

Back to School Teeth Tips for Teens!

Dentist for Teens in Woodbridge VAFor teenagers, the list of priorities is long, but dental hygiene doesn’t even make the top 10. Just ask and you’ll see. There are a million things that teenagers worry about, like what they’re going to do Friday and Saturday nights, sports, homework, tests, everything but their teeth. Parents, we know you try hard not to harass your teens too much, but this is one battle that should be fought – a lifetime of dental hygiene is at stake!

Teenagers have all heard the spiel about brushing and flossing a million times, but it’s so important to make sure they really understand what is at stake. Poor dental hygiene could lead to an entire lifetime of painful – and very expensive – dental procedures. And it doesn’t take long for bad habits to lead to problems. Dental issues can start very early in life if proper care is not taken. Just Google up some pictures of periodontal disease for your teenager – that should get them to listen.

For some additional help, here are a few tips for you to share with your teen. Back to school time is a perfect time to share…

Don’t ignore issues, even when you’re young. If your teen has any discomfort in their bite, or with a tooth, get them the proper care right away. Particularly with dental issues, waiting is never okay – it always makes it worse.

Sugar isn’t just in candy. Explain to your teen that the hard candy is bad and should be avoided, but sugar comes in many forms. Even the sugars from an apple can stay on the teeth and lead to decay if brushing habits are not good. Making healthy eating choices is a key part of dental hygiene.

But even with healthy choices…

Brush more than once a day. The sugars and acids from even healthy foods can sit on the teeth and cause decay. It is very important to brush, to remove all the plaque and decay-causing sugars from your teeth and from your gum line. Twice a day is a must, but brushing after every meal is even better. Keep telling them over and over!

Don’t blow off the dentist visits. Scheduling regular hygiene appointments – every 6 months – is a must. This will ensure that any issues are found quickly and also the deep cleaning will help get any plaque, or its hardened cousin, calculus, from the gum line and from deep between the teeth.

Make sure your teens know how important their teeth brushing habits are for their overall health and how developing good habits now can serve them all through their adult year. Call Lake Ridge Dental today to get your teen’s teeth checked out before we get too far into the school year. Book your appointment today!

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